Reason Week 2011

This is the information page for Reason Week 2011. Information about events will be going up here as and when we get it.

The dates for Reason Week are 21st to 26th February.

Monday	19:00	Building 46 L/T B	Robert Stovold v Prof. Keith Fox	Debate; Motion: “Theistic Evolution is bad science and bad theology” Tuesday	19:30	Building 46 L/T B	Anne Marie Waters	“Religious Laws in Britain and Around the World” Wednesday	19:00	Building 2 L/T B	David Bothwell	“Searching for an alternative” thursday	19:00	building 46 l/t b	dr andrew pyle	“science and religion” friday	12:00	building 2 l/t j	dr simon singh	“big bang: a history of the universe in 60 minutes” saturday	19:00	the highfield pub	pod delusion	live podcast recording @sotonatheistsoc

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