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Atheist, geek/gamer and computer scientist. Born Surrey, at Soton. What else can I say?

A Fresher’s Guide to Southampton Atheist Society

Welcome new and returning members; we hope you’ve had a refreshing summer holiday, and that you are looking forward to a brand new year of blasphemy! Freshers, look out for us in the bunfight. You can meet the committee, challenge us, … Continue reading

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Pub Discussion Night 07/05/12

Hello all, This week we’re going to the Crown to discuss interesting things. These include: The heathens manifesto, do we need to create as a group an ‘official ideal’  or set of things to aim for? : Analytical thinking and religious … Continue reading

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Alternative Views: Unitarian Church

This Monday we have organised for some members of the local Unitarian Church to come and give us a talk, which will be followed by a Q&A session. This will follow the same style as previous Alternative Views nights, and … Continue reading

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Welcome back! Hitchens vs Craig Debate

After a long and needed holiday break, we’ll be starting off the summer term by watching a debate between Christopher Hitchens and William Lane Craig. We’re hoping this is going to be a fairly relaxed meeting and that the debate … Continue reading

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Update on the AGM – 2012

On Monday we held this years AGM. This year we made a few small changes to the way the committee is organised, and the way we want to run the society in the following year. First off, the new committee … Continue reading

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