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The Atheist Society is a society for atheists, secularists, freethinkers, humanists and skeptics at the University of Southampton.

The Atheist Society exists to represent the views of the non-religious, to raise awareness of the value of non-religious viewpoints in a climate increasingly dominated by religious voices, to promote secular values and to provide information and support to those trying to find their way without religion.

The society also exists to provide a context for the non-religious to meet like-minded individuals at University, so that we can make friends and hopefully learn from each other. While we all, essentially share a lack of belief in god(s), there are likely to be many points on which we disagree, so there is scope for all kinds of interesting discussion to take place.

If this sounds like something that might be of interest to you, then come along to one of our weekly Monday meetings, or get in touch via the comments. We look forward to hearing from you.



President: David Stanley


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Vice President: Caroline Haigh


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Secretary: Alexander Fiuza


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Treasurer: George Chappell


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Member without Portfolio: Matt Cowen


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