Social – Stags and Hobbit 25/11/13, Upcoming Events


This Monday (25th November) we’ll be having a pub social in the Stags, and then moving on to the Hobbit. We’ll be meeting in the Stags at 7pm.

On Sunday 1st December, the society are meeting for an informal brunch at Wild Lime at 11:30 (so you can still have a Sunday lie in – one of the many benefits of being an atheist).

The following week, Monday 2nd December, we are having a Christmas Secular Winter Festival themed event. Local skeptic Jonathan Pearce will be hosting a talk called ‘The Nativity: A Critical Examination’ where he examines the historical evidence for the nativity, followed by a Q&A.

Finally, as an end of year event, we are having an “Atheism themed” cocktail night, at Sam’s (The President). We’ve come up with a list of hilarious cocktails with Atheism puns, so we’ll be asking you to vote for which ones are served sometime soon. Also, we’ll be polling for when people are free, as deadlines can be tight at the end of term!

There will be more details about the Jonathan Pearce talk and the cocktail night in the coming weeks.


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