Interfaith Week: Religious and Atheist?

Hi all,

This Monday, November 18th, as part of the university-wide Interfaith week, we will be holding an informal student discussion panel on the intersection of Atheism and Religion.

The three students on the panel will be:

  • Livia Stacey (Non-religious Atheist) – Vice President of Southampton Atheist Society
  • Tim Rouse (Quaker Atheist) – AHS Communications Officer
  • Sean Oakley (Buddhist Atheist) – Founder & Former President, Reading Atheist Society

Each of the participants will give a short overview of their beliefs and how they reached them, before a couple of questions and then opening up discussion to the floor. This should be an opportunity to ask interesting questions about religion and faith, so you may wish to come up with a few questions beforehand.

As this is an outreach event, we particularly encourage all to join – we especially think members of religious societies, and those interested in philosophy of religion will be interested in the event – so please invite friends.

The meeting will be in the usual place (Nuffield Lecture Room B) at the usual time (19:00 on Monday), and we will, of course, be visiting the pub afterwards.

Hope to see you there,
Sam – President

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