Semester 1 Start of Year Events: BBQ, Jim Al-Khalili & Rant Night

We’re starting the year with three great events! First of all will be our beginning of year social – the Freshers’ BBQ on Monday 30th September at 1900 at 58 Roselands Gardens, SO17 1QJ. Come and meet the society and have some tasty food. There will be bacon. Food will cost £2 for those of you who met us at the bunfight stall, and £3 for the rest of the society. It’s BYOB, so remember to bring drinks.

Next is a talk by Dr. Jim Al-Khalili entitled What is Humanism. He is a broadcaster, author, physicist and president of the British Humanist Association, so do be sure to come, and invite friends. It’s on Monday 7th October at 1900 in Building 58 (Murray Building), 1067. This room is provisional, so if it changes we will let you know.

Finally on Monday 14th October at 1900 in Building 6 (Nuffield), Lecture Theatre B (our regular meeting room), we’re hosting Rant Night after the sucess of the previous one last year. Members who wish to partake rant about a topic of their choosing for about 10 minutes and are questioned at the end. If you wish you may use visual aids like a Powerpoint presentation.

Our events (though presumably not the Freshers’ BBQ!) usually end up with us in the pub afterwards.

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