Reason Week 2013

It’s that time of year again – Reason Week! We have some exciting speakers coming to Southampton. Join the facebook events linked below, and please invite your friends and colleagues.

Tuesday – David Pollock – “Moral Without God”

Non-believers are often accused of lacking any moral virtue. How can you be good without God?. What’s to stop you murdering somebody?

David Pollock (from the British Humanist Association) explains how we can reject dogmatic, supernatural moral values and instead use those based on the Humanist ideas of individual value and rationality. David has been involved with humanism for over 50 years, and is a distinguished speaker. 

LOCATION: Physics Building (46), Lecture Theatre B (directly on your left as you enter).

TIME: 7pm

Thursday – Martin Poulter – “Design a Cult: The Scientology Way”

 An entertaining yet somewhat concerning talk about the influence of the Church of Scientology, and their success in member recruitment and deflection of criticism. A few society members saw this talk last year and would rate it as “must-see” — not only is Martin Poulter an engaging and enjoyable speaker, but he has a lot of experience campaigning against the “Church”.

LOCATION: Management Building (B2), Lecture Theatre D (accessible by going downstairs from the main entrance and following the main corridor).

TIME: 7pm

Friday – Jonathan Pearce – “Free Will?”

Local skeptic blogger Jonathan Pearce tackles the issue of free will from an atheist perspective. Members who attended the recent Southern Regional Convention will remember Jonathan’s engaging talk on the historical veracity of the Nativity story, and an enjoyable and interesting discussion is to be expected! 

LOCATION: Nuffield Theatre, Lecture Theatre A (opposite the entrance to the usual meeting room).

TIME: 7pm


After the Easter Break – Stephen Law

Stephen Law will be speaking for us after the Easter Break, date and location TBC. Stephen Law is a philosopher, author, and editor of the philosophical journal Think.



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  1. Steve Wicks says:

    Are the talks from Reason Week 2013 going to be recorded? If so it would be great to know where I might be able to access them once they are online?

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