Interfaith Book Night – Monday 19th November

Interfaith Week begins on the 19th November, and we are holding our book night. You may have already heard, but we are reading On Guard by William Lane-Craig. “But wait!” I hear you cry, “On Guard is a book defending Christianity!”, “Why would an Atheist Society read a book arguing that God does exist?” Well, members who attended our last book night will know that we read The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel. We were recommended the book by the folks at Text-a-Toastie, and we invited them to that book night.

We are inviting all the religious societies to the On Guard discussion, and we think the evening should provoke some good discussion. We understand that people might be short of time to read the whole book, so we are recommending that people focus on a few chapters. Discussion will be focussed on Chapters 3 to 7, Why Does Anything at All Exist? to What About Suffering? The aim is focus on the parts of the book that are more general arguments for God, rather than Christian specific ones.

We will be in a different room to our normal; we will be using the seminar room on the ground floor of Zeppler. That’s building 59, room 1257. The meeting will start at our regular time of 7pm. Mountbatten and Zeppler are normally card access only after 6pm, but we will have people on the doors. Additionally, you can phone Matthew on 07962 885377. Finally, we also have a facebook event up, feel free to stoke some discussion in the comments.

It’s not essential to have read the book beforehand, in fact, you might be interested in coming along to get a review, but we recommend you familiarise yourself with a couple of the key arguments. William Lane-Craig is particularly well known for advancing the Kalam Cosmological Argument. The Wikipedia article is quite dense, personally, I recommend either Rational Wiki’s or Iron Chariot’s articles on the argument.

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  1. Hi there Matthew

    On Guard is Craig’s attempt to make his writing more popular and less academic. It is, indeed (by all accounts – I have not read it), a ‘dumbed down’ version of A Reasonable Faith, which is itself a fairly popular book.

    I have read, however, A Reasonable Faith and, though I haven’t finished it (the critique), here is a critique of ARF:
    It may be of faith. There are huge assumptions and problems with the arguments he sets out in ARF which, I assume, will carry across even more to a book like On Guard.

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