A Fresher’s Guide to Southampton Atheist Society

Welcome new and returning members; we hope you’ve had a refreshing summer holiday, and that you are looking forward to a brand new year of blasphemy! Freshers, look out for us in the bunfight. You can meet the committee, challenge us, and find out more about the society, and the events we have planned this year.

The Atheist Society is a society for atheists, agnostics, freethinkers, humanists and skeptics at the University of Southampton. We exist to represent the views of the non-religious, to raise awareness of the value of non-religious viewpoints in a climate increasingly dominated by religious voices, to promote secular values and to provide information and support to those trying to find their way without religion.The society also exists to provide a context for the non-religious to meet like-minded individuals at University, so that we can make friends and hopefully learn from each other. While we all, essentially share a lack of belief in god(s), there are likely to be many points on which we disagree, so there is scope for all kinds of interesting discussion to take place.

Here is the outline of what our events are for the first four meetings back.

BBQ – Tuesday 2nd October

For the first meeting of the new academic year, we’re going to be having a BBQ at 10 Westridge Road (SO17 2HQ). If you are unsure where that is, or just don’t want to be lonely on the walk over, we will organise a group walk from the University to the house so you can meet us there instead. We will have more information about this at a later date, so please keep an eye on your emails and the facebook group. Tickets will be £3, or £2 if you put your name down at the bunfight. There will be food and soft drinks, however you’ll have to provide your own alcohol. Importantly, this meeting will be on a Tuesday, so as not to collide with other freshers’ events.

Crispian Jago – Monday 8th October

We’ve invited the sensationally funny blogger and speaker, who talks about science, reason, and critical thinking. Actually, that’s the name of his blog, which you can find here! We’ve had him speak for us before, and we enjoyed it so much we invited him back. He takes a lighthearted and satirical approach to sceptical issues, which we hope will provide a great evening’s light entertainment. This will be our first meeting in our normal location, which if you’re new here (or to us at least) is Lecture Theatre B, Nuffield Theatre Building (Building 06 / Room 1081).


Film Night: Dogma – Monday 15th October

For our first film night of this year we will be watching Dogma, a comedy about two fallen angels who find a loophole to reenter heaven. This film was controversial enough to merit protests, a delayed release and death threats, so will fit into the light comedy requirements of our introductory events. The film night is a regular occurrence, sometimes we watch “serious” documentaries and other times something humorous or irreverent . If you have any suggestions for future films, we are always more than grateful to hear them! This event will be held in our normal location (Lecture Theatre B, Nuffield 06/1081 for those with short memories).


Pub Discussion – Monday 22nd October

Come join us in a local pub to think and drink!  The first pub discussion of the new year will be focussed around Atheism+ and claims of a schism in the atheist movement. This is a topic that became heated in the blogosphere over the summer, and now we’re back in Southampton this’ll give us a chance to discuss our views on this issue. In the past as a society we’ve had a tendency to only look at the debate between atheism and theism, scepticism, or moral issues, all roads well travelled. So to start things off and raise discussion this year, we’ll be looking at the potential fissures that exist inside the broad atheist social movement. Even if you don’t consider your atheism to be a political stance, we feel that these topics should be interesting and hopefully give rise to some competing opinions. The location will be The Crown Inn; once again we’ll be guiding people who might not know their way around Southampton yet. Stay tuned.

For all our Pub discussion nights, we provide some introductory material to the topics on discussion. Here is some light reading to get you started:

If you made it this far, well done! We hope to see all you lovely heretics soon!


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Atheist, geek/gamer and computer scientist. Born Surrey, at Soton. What else can I say?
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2 Responses to A Fresher’s Guide to Southampton Atheist Society

  1. Livia says:

    Looking forward to these events! Though I will make you all watch footloose one of these days as it DOES have a secular message running through it. Also dancing, everybody loves dancing!

  2. Matthew Power says:

    I could indulge in footloose…

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