Something much better to do on a Sunday!

One local group of the BHA, who meet in Winchester, have seen great success recently. You can read a bit about their success on Aimee Daniells’, one of their co-founders, blog.

Well if, as an atheist, you are stuck for something to fill a Sunday (Church? God no!), worry no more. They’re are planning on starting a new group in Southampton, which I thought would be of interest to us all. They’re planning on meeting next Sunday week, the 20th, in the Art House Cafe in Southampton, which can be found at here. The cafe opens at midday, which is when the meetup is scheduled for.
I’ve made a facebook event, which it would be great if you could indicate your interest on. You can also find out more about South Hants Humanists.
The easiest way to get there from the centre of campus is to take the U2C bus from to the Civic Centre/Guildhall stop. A return ticket is £3, and here is the timetable. I’m planning on going to this, and if you are unsure of the way, I’ll be getting the U2C 11:41 bus from the Highfield Interchange. You can contact me on my mobile 07962 885377 or email me at
Hope to see you there.

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