An Enlightened Philosophy – Geoff Crocker

This Monday in place of our book night we are hosting Geoff Crocker, who will be giving a presentation on his book and the ideas central to it, An Enlightened Philosophy.

Calling on his experience in industry and his interest in faith and values, Geoff Crocker offers a fresh interpretation of religion as strong myth which creates personal and social values. He argues that contemporary atheism, whilst a valid hypothesis, destroys a source of values without offering any alternative.

The result is moral nihilism and a materialist self centred consumer society. This he argues is much less than a full understanding of human life and society. He starts by tracing the development of philosophy to an atheist position, arguing that metaphysical concepts, an aspect of faith, are essential to human life. He then suggests a reinterpretation of the religious texts as myth, offering a wide range of examples on themes of justice, love, the market, the role of the state, fear, resurrection and sibling rivalry.

The meeting is at 7pm, in our usual location, The Nuffield Building, Lecture Theatre B. There will be a Q&A session after the presentation. I’m confident, having read the book, that there will be plenty of debate! We have a copy of the book in the Atheist Society Library, which is available for anyone to borrow. We will be having drinks in the Stag’s Head afterwards. Finally, if you think you should be on our mailing list and you are not receiving emails, please drop me a line via the contact form. Hope to see you Monday.

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