Reasonable Faith? – Highfield Church

Last year Highfield Church ran two very successful series of talks under the title Reasonable Faith? From their flyer:

Reasonable Faith?

A series to help people think through the grounds for the Christian belief and to give good reasons to defend its truth and integrity. Two 20 minute talks are each followed by 10 minutes of open discussion. Suitable for enquirers, sceptics, and Christians who want a firm foundation for what they believe.

When: Sundays 5-6pm, 2nd Oct to 4th Dec

Where: Highfield Church Centre Lounge

Tea and Cakes from 4:30pm

The topic list can be found at on their website and following the link through to current series programme. This Sunday’s talks are titled What’s the point? and Does life have a purpose?

I’d like to give a quick word of recommendation. Last year a few of us from the committee attended their talks, and found them to be very thoughtful. For any of you that may have apprehensions about such a series, perhaps inspired by the nature of other similar programmes such as the infamous Alpha Course, I suggest rethinking. The talks really are pitched at atheists and sceptics, and the people down at the church are very chatty, and do great tea and cake!

I’ll be attending with a few from the committee and hope you can join us!


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  1. Speaking of Reasonable Faith, I was at the William Lane Craig debate in London the other night, I have written a review of the debate in 3 parts which can be found here:

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