Atheist Soc: Guide to Freshers

We have a load of great stuff organised for the first month of the new semester, so read on to find out what we are planning and how you can get involved. Of course all of our regular members are encouraged to come along too and help make any new members feel welcome.

First off we are going to be at the bunfight! For those of you new to Southampton Uni terminology, thats the societies fair where you can meet societies and find out what they do and how to get involved. If you have ever had questions about Atheism, Humanism, Secularism, or Skepticism, come and find us and ask us! We will be wearing society t-shirts and will be happy to answer your questions.

Pub Crawl – Monday 3rd

The fair is a great place to meet societies, but its so full of people and with over 180 societies, it is difficult to really talk to any of them for more than a few minutes, so on Monday 3rd October, that’s the first Monday of term, we are going out to a few bars and pubs, and it would be great if you could join us. I did this with the society last year when I started and had a great time, so come along, have a drink, and discuss internet memes religion and philosophy with us.

We will be meeting at The Stags Head (the Student Union bar) at 7pm, probably moving on to The Mitre in Portswood, and then ending up at The Hobbit.

Film Night – Monday 10th

New members will soon learn that we like to keep a similar order of events through the month, and the second meeting is Film Night. We usually watch a film or documentary, but sometimes we just end up watching “related videos” on Youtube for an hour. Whatever happens it is usually interesting and a nice way to relax after the panic of your first week. This will happen in our usual meeting room (now Lecture Theatre B in The Nuffield Building) and we will be watching Marjoe!

Evolution vs. Creation Debate – Tuesday 11th

A local church is having John Mackay, the Australian director for Creation Research, visiting them as part of a UK tour, and they have invited us to come along. The society enjoys going to events held by other religious organisations and the creation debate should be an interesting chance to see the sort of thing we campaign against. Anyone is welcome to join us there and enjoy some spirited discussion. The debate will be held somewhere on campus (exact location to be confirmed) at around 7pm.

Skeptics in the Pub – Monday 17th

This is a new feature we are going to try out for a while, we are now a Skeptics in the Pub group! All this means is that one meeting a month will take place at The Highfield pub and we will try to get more people from outside the university to join in. We hope to organise some interesting talks for future meetings, but this one will take the form of an informal discussion night over a few pints. We will be holding our committee meeting in our usual room so you are welcome to meet us there around 6.45pm or at The Highfield at 7pm.

Book Night – Monday 24th

This is another of our monthly occurrences. Each month we decide on a book that we think we will find interesting, read it, and then on book night discuss it. The book for this month is a nice intro to atheism and one that many will have already read: God is not Great by Christopher Hitchens. For our friends from the Christian Union who sometimes come along, we encourage you to give it a read and come along to disagree with us! The discussions are always more interesting when there are completely opposite points of view.


We hope this series of events will give a good introduction to what we do in the society to all those joining us this year. All the events, and all our normal meetings, are open to everyone, you don’t have to put yourself down as a member to come along. Later in the year we will be doing some members only events but becoming a member is easy and free so be sure to do it over here so you don’t miss out on a trip we are organising for later in the year.

We look forward to seeing you at our events and welcoming you to the university and the society!

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