Reason Week

A little something to brighten up your day and give you something to look forward to after all that revision…

Many of you (especially members of our Facebook group) will be aware by now that our annual Reason Week is being held from Monday 21st to Saturday 26th February. Over the course of the week we are hosting a wide range of events based around atheism, humanism, secularism, science, skepticism and reason, collaborating with a variety of other societies and generally having a good time.

We are particularly excited about hosting famous science author Simon Singh on Friday 25th and a live recording of popular podcast the Pod Delusion on Saturday 26th!

You can find a timetable for the week here.

Clicking on the title of the talks/debates will take you to the Facebook event we have created for it. You can also click on any speaker’s name and it will link you to their website if you wish to find out more about them and/or the organisations they represent. There is also a generic Facebook event for the whole week, which can be found here.

It would be greatly appreciated if those of you on Facebook could let us know you are attending and invite your friends to any/all of the events – the more, the merrier!

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Previous President of the University of Southampton Atheist Society
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