This Website Is Being Retired Find Us On Facebook!

This website is now being retired but rest assured that the society is still active!

Find out what we are up to on our Facebook page:

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Your New committee Members of 2016 -2017!

President-Boaz Dicks

Secretary- Amin Haque

Treasurer- George Chappell

Communications officer- Alex Blums

Publicity officer- Noshin Mahmud

Member without portfolio- Connor O’Keeffe

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The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy – Film Night

“Life? Don’t talk to me about life!”.

For the final teaching week of the year, we’ll be watching The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, to reaffirm us of how absurd life can be, and how silly it is to try to draw intrinsic meaning out of existence. Or something like that. Douglas Adams was a staunch atheist at least.

Check out the trailer here, and join the event here.
19:00, Nuffield Lecture Room B. 

P.S. – We’ve moved over from our old Facebook Page to a Group, so we can hopefully get some good discussions going. Make sure you join the new group to keep up to date with the society’s events!

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Bad Science Rant Night

Rant Night is always a society favourite, so we’ve decided to squeeze another in before the end of the year. This Monday (5th May), we’re trying a vague theme of “bad science” — this could be trying to convince us of your pet pseudoscientific theory, channelling your inner Goldacre and ranting about a particularly stupid newspaper article — or anything else surrounding “bad science” that you can think of.

There’s still time to prepare a rant, as they don’t need to be particularly polished and are only 5-10 minutes. As always, we welcome any newcomers, and we’ll be heading to the pub afterwards.

Facebook Event: Monday 5th May, 19:00, Nuffield Lecture Room B. 

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AGM 2014 – Be on next year’s committee

Change is a universal fact of life, and the AtheistSoc committee is certainly no exception – which is why we need your help to ensure the society runs smoothly into the future. The evening will include an overview of the year, electing the new committee and getting feedback of this past year. Any member of the Atheist Society is welcome to show up and vote at the AGM, even if you haven’t been to our events.

Candidates for each position will be given two minutes to talk about why they think they’re suitable for the role, then may be asked a couple of questions by the members in attendance. Following this, there will be a blind vote (show of hands). The returning officer will be Sam Whitehall (incumbent President), who will only vote in a tie situation. Candidates may run for multiple positions. Isn’t democracy fun?

If you’re thinking of running for a position, check out the details below, and feel free to contact the incumbents/email the society with any questions. Please let us know if you intend to run for a position (, or you can also choose to run on the day!

The positions are as follows (along with their incumbent), along with their key responsibilities:

President (Sam Whitehall): maintains overall responsibility of the society and its members; chairs committee meetings, and usually events; typically represent the society during interfaith events.

Vice-President (Livia Stacey): assists President; organises social events.

Secretary (Alfie Whelan): produces and maintains minutes for committee meetings; sends weekly newsletter to members.

Treasurer (Richard Sangster): keeps accounts of spending and income; assists in securing funding from SUSU and external organisations.

Webmaster/Librarian (Dan Palmer): responsible for maintaining our online facilities (website, Facebook, Twitter, document/file sharing, email); responsible for operating the society library.

The AGM will be on Monday 28th April (the first Monday back) in the usual room at the usual time (Nuffield Lecture Room B, 19:00). There may even be a drink in it if you win a committee position!

See you there,
– Sam (President… but not for much longer)

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